What is ARES?

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is a nationwide field organization sponsored by the ARRL and composed of licensed amateur radio operators who are willing to offer their time and equipment to provide communications support for local governments and non-profit disaster relief organizations during disasters and emergencies.

For more information about ARES as a national organization, go to: http://www.arrl.org/ares

What is NCARES?

Nassau County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (NCARES) is a county-wide organization of volunteer amateur radio operators dedicated to training and preparedness to provide communications support for local governments and non-profit disaster relief organizations within Nassau County in the event of a disaster or other emergency when normal communication systems become disrupted or inadequate.

It is at the county level where most of the emergency preparedness planning, organizing, and training is accomplished. This is the level at which most emergencies occur and the level at which ARES leaders have direct contact with ARES members, with amateur radio clubs and groups, and with officials of the served agencies.

NCARES is responsible for planning and coordinating amateur radio emergency preparedness and operations in Nassau County. NCARES is presently comprised of more than 50 licensed amateurs who reside and/or work within Nassau County, and who have voluntarily registered their equipment and skills, and have expressed a strong desire to organize, train and be prepared to provide auxiliary communications support for public safety agencies and relief organizations when disaster strikes or whenever called upon.

The on-going objective of NCARES is to maintain a sufficient degree of preparedness of local amateur radio personnel and resources to deliver reliable and effective communications support when needed.

How is NCARES Organized?

NCARES is headed by the Nassau County Emergency Coordinator, Bud Sinor, KA3OGG, who has appointed Assistant Emergency Coordinators (AECs) to effectively manage respective functions. There are AEC positions for Operations & Training, Planning, Logistics, Network Operations, Technology, and Administration.

The EC and Assistant ECs constitute the NCARES Planning Committee which meets periodically to review and update the NCARES plans, SOPs, and guidelines, and to plan and evaluate ARES activities, projects, and exercises to keep the group active, well-trained, and prepared to respond.

Our Mission

A primary responsibility of the Amateur Radio Service, as established by Part 97 of the Federal Communications Commission’s regulations, is the performance of public service communications for the general public, particularly in times of emergency when normal communications are not available. To that end, the Nassau County Florida Amateur Radio Emergency Service members, under the oversight of the American Radio Relay League, will equip themselves and train to provide communications as a direct service to the general public through government and relief agencies of Nassau County, the State of Florida, and the federal government, when requested by those agencies.

  Interested in joining NCARES?

There are no dues or membership fees associated with being part of Nassau County ARES – just an interest in Public Service and a willingness to train and participate in activities supporting Emergency Communications.

Members are encouraged to complete a minimum level of training and regularly participate in activities in order to better support the ARES mission.

You do not need to be a member of any club or organization to be a member of ARES.
Want to Join Us?

If you are a licensed amateur radio operator, live or work in Nassau County, Florida, and would like to be part of an emergency communications team, we would love to hear from you!  If you would like more information on Amateur Radio, how to become an Amateur Radio Operator, or want to apply for NCARES membership, please email us and our EC Bud (KA3OGG), or an Assistant EC, will contact you soon.